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Violet Kiteway

It’s not that I think she’s ultimately ‘bad’. Her character’s background, however, invites questioning.

When we’re first introduced to Violet, she’s announced that she’s made the impulsive accusation that her father, Sente, stole the Cube and was a “power-mad, psychopathic megalomaniac,” (or something along those lines) during a media interview. Her mother vanished or died at some point prior – probably during childhood/adolescence – and to me it’s clear that Violet blames Sente. (Scarlett was probably too young to understand much at the time, and her current sunny, idealistic, spoiled-child persona corroborates this.) Violet is brilliant, but she refuses to attend ‘her father’s school,’ though many have asked her why she never went to the Academy. Violet gambles to supplement her comparably meager salary as a librarian, and to support her expensive lifestyle. Cynical, atheistic, ironic, over-analytic, aloof, prescription-drug-taking, wary of romantic attachments (oh, Freud, where are you..)..honestly, at times she seems to me a recovering borderline case.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that I can easily see Violet as being privy to the Cube theft, though not its entire ramifications or motives, and initially agreeing to be part of the Earth contact team out of a sense of guilt (but then playing an active role after learning the true nature of the Third Power/V organization).

The one thing Violet loves is Perplex City itself. And, say, the Cube *needed* to be stolen to save the City, well then…I could see her helping out with that. (More on my Cube theory later)



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