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List of suspicious characters

These are people I’d like to learn more about:

Perhaps not 3P, but the information we’ve been given kind of shouts “evil manipulator who should be removed from the gene pool.” As Joya must have discovered.

Murder is meaningful. Who did it, and why? Another celebrity marriage prevented. For a while I was wondering if Corolla were V, but then he has a widely recognizable face. Was Karen’s body found? And is Hubert a relative of Lyssa Ling?

He seems too obvious to be implicated in The 3P Conspiracy, but I suspect him of being Sente’s protege/henchman — why did he switch apartments with Aiko? Something was up. Something probably connected with Viendenbourg/the mysterious PXC military.

Her character is *made* to be suspicious. Mimicry is her specialty? She’s sleeping with Helix Hesh? I’m probably following too much of the new BSG, but Tippy screams Number 6/fembot type. I know she’s incredibly attractive, but surely that’s not unique or quite as socially valuable in PXC anymore. Perhaps she just takes unusual enhancers..

Most likely working with or being controlled by the 3P. She’s the one censoring the Sentinel, aided and abetted by police officer Helena Frye. (In my opinion. No proof.)

Also perhaps not 3P, but possibly behind the young anarchists. “Beauty Alliance” indeed. Socialist? Probably Reconstructionist – and introduced Aiko to them.

= Roberta Sparrow? Again, more on my theory later, but I’m hardly being subtle.

I don’t think I have to elaborate here.

Who were the victims of the historic “judiciary pogroms”?



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