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Attack of the Clones May 22, 2006

Posted by sibyl in Perplex City.

Today we’re going to discuss Garnet Reed as Sente’s clone, younger relative, or bastard love-child.

Items to consider:

Let’s take a look at a couple of portraits. Here is Sente:

Sente Kiteway
Here is Garnet:

Garnet Reed

Notice anything…similar? (Now, the artist has demonstrated a limited range of facial expression and type so far in PXC, so it’s possible that this mirror image really isn’t entirely deliberate.)

Garnet, of course, is Sente’s “protege” and has followed in his footsteps, so to speak, career-wise.

Sente’s background:

Born in Vingate in Perplex City’s northern quarter, Professor Sente Kiteway took his undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Linguistics at Marmalejo College and joined the Academy’s cryptology department in 223. In 230, he published his seminal work on cryptological mathematics which, expanded in size and scope, is now the standard text for graduate researchers.Between 229 and 236, he worked as a Junior Fellow. He was a member of the puzzle-setting team for the PCAG on five occasions, and three of his cryptological puzzles won the Academy’s Scribe Prize. In 237 he took up a senior position at Centrifuge, the city’s leading technological security company, where he headed up the development of Redlock, now the standard corporate security protocol, as well as innovative projects such as the Hollowview intelligent defence system. In 252 he returned to the Academy to become Senior Fellow in Cryptology. In this role, he oversaw the growth of the department, securing over PCL 60 million in corporate funding and sponsorship, as well as building strong ties for the department with the government and military.

Professor Kiteway is well known for his research into autonomously-evolving cipher streams; the ubiquitous SNT coding device is only one of his creations. He has worked as a consultant to defence intelligence and in the financial sector. He has been a leader of several professional organisations, both in the private sector and in academia. He serves as Executive Director of the Games’ Schools Programme, which encourages young people to participate in the annual Games and coaches them in problem-solving skills. Since 261 he has been Chairman of the Carrick Foundation, a charitable trust which awards grants to support technological innovation by small businesses and individuals.

Garnet’s background:

Garnet Reed holds a junior fellowship in cryptology and is on secondment with the Academy from the Perplex City defence forces. A graduate of the Academy’s advanced studies programme, he regularly sets puzzles for the PCAG as well as the entrance-tests for the defence forces. Garnet continues to maintain close ties with defence and the City Council and is the official liaison point between the city administration and the Cube Retrieval Programme. In his free time Garnet enjoys mountaineering, skiing and white-water rafting.

Garnet’s the quietest member of the Cube Retrieval Team. Sure, he’s a secret security-type and it would be in-character, but I much prefer the conspiracy angle. Just who is this Garnet Reed, and why has Sente picked him, in particular, for the Cube Hunting job? And why haven’t we had any real contact with him yet? Survey says: Luke, I am your father.

And let’s not forget the name. Sente’s children are Scarlett and Violet (I still wonder if their mother had the name Rose). Now, if I had a son/secret double, and I were obsessed with this whole color naming concept ending in -et, what might I name him?

Coincidence? You decide.


List of Suspicious Characters, Part 2 April 21, 2006

Posted by sibyl in Perplex City.
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  • Ryan Cahill

Suspect his PCAG title win may indeed have been engineered. Sente’s protege? Even more suspicious. Though perhaps they’re only indulging in an inappropriate work relationship. His attention to Joya is peculiar – but then I already think her pregnancy was part of a greater conspiracy headed by the PCAG/Cognivia/the Academy. Ryan Cahill himself may not be drug-free, for all his posturing and community work. Perhaps he’s a guinea pig.

  • Dale Robarding

Head of Cognivia Research. That’s like having a target on your back already. Clashes with Zhi-Hui over drug use in the PCAG. Other thoughts: is he afflicted with an inherited disease, such as Menkes or Marfan’s syndrome? Interesting level of description in Sentinel interview.

  • Sarah Covington

Dated Kurt for a while, military history buff *and* cryptographer, Gatehouse operator. That one explains itself.

    I *heart* Madame Bianca April 21, 2006

    Posted by sibyl in Perplex City.
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    Is she V or related to him? Does she know anything about the Cube theft?

    Related threads: The Futures are riddled with references to the number five and the heart. Five of Hearts? Holyoke’s bar was the Five of Cups. Cups = Hearts in Tarot. Reference to suits on puzzle cards? We’re missing the card with the five of hearts on it so far…There is a family in Perplex City by the name of Corazon..