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List of Suspicious Characters, Part 2 April 21, 2006

Posted by sibyl in Perplex City.
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  • Ryan Cahill

Suspect his PCAG title win may indeed have been engineered. Sente’s protege? Even more suspicious. Though perhaps they’re only indulging in an inappropriate work relationship. His attention to Joya is peculiar – but then I already think her pregnancy was part of a greater conspiracy headed by the PCAG/Cognivia/the Academy. Ryan Cahill himself may not be drug-free, for all his posturing and community work. Perhaps he’s a guinea pig.

  • Dale Robarding

Head of Cognivia Research. That’s like having a target on your back already. Clashes with Zhi-Hui over drug use in the PCAG. Other thoughts: is he afflicted with an inherited disease, such as Menkes or Marfan’s syndrome? Interesting level of description in Sentinel interview.

  • Sarah Covington

Dated Kurt for a while, military history buff *and* cryptographer, Gatehouse operator. That one explains itself.


    I *heart* Madame Bianca April 21, 2006

    Posted by sibyl in Perplex City.
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    Is she V or related to him? Does she know anything about the Cube theft?

    Related threads: The Futures are riddled with references to the number five and the heart. Five of Hearts? Holyoke’s bar was the Five of Cups. Cups = Hearts in Tarot. Reference to suits on puzzle cards? We’re missing the card with the five of hearts on it so far…There is a family in Perplex City by the name of Corazon..